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Our (free!) Rad Dads Program

Our Rad Dads program is designed for new dads with babies 0-6 months old. Each week we meet at the same place for 3 weeks to explore, learn and play. You can expect to hear from experts, explore new ways to connect with your baby, and make new dad friends. If you've been looking for a way to learn more about being a dad and would like to chat with some other dads just like you, then this program is for you. Also, you better believe there'll be coffee and snacks.

We encourage you to bring your baby along to each session.

And for our Mummas, we will be having a little coffee catch up at the same time at Devon Pixies - so you're nice and close if needed!

Coach Line Up

Introducing Solids with Dietitian + Chef Jim

Introducing solids can be a scary time full of unknowns, but Jim is here to help. In his workshop, he will be covering just how to begin to introduce food to your baby in a safe and enjoyable way! You'll even learn how to make an easy meal your baby will love!

Baby Bootcamp with Dr Erin

You might have been wondering what baby chiropractics looks like and is all about, and in this workshop Dr Erin will be going through it all with you. She will guide you through the possible benefits of chiropractics for your family and also show you some at home exercises you can do with your baby in a mini baby bootcamp!


Baby First Aid (Choking) with CPR Kids

When it comes to choking in babies or children, prevention is always better than cure. We can’t and shouldn’t wrap our kids up in cotton wool either – otherwise we would still be feeding our teens puree! Accidents do happen, and it is important to know the first aid for a choking baby.


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