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Blankets & Bubbles

Blankets and Bubbles is a 2.5 hour workshop where you come with your baby clothes and repurpose them into a blanket you can keep forever. You do the fun bit and design the blanket - with a glass of bubbles of course - and we will take it away, add some padding and a back, and return it to you completed. 

It's the perfect way to remember all of the special moments, without taking up precious space in your wardrobe!

  1. You attend the workshop with your old baby clothes

  2. In the workshop, you will be given everything you need (including guided instructions!!) to turn your baby clothes into squares which you will lay out in your chosen pattern for the blanket

  3. After the workshop, we will take your squares and sew your chosen design into a completed quilt - with padding, a border and backing!

  4. Within the month, you will receive your completed blanket

How it works


  • 2.5 hour workshop including all materials needed to turn your baby clothes into a blanket design

  • Completed padded memory blanket (90cm x 120cm) delivered to you within 4 weeks of workshop

  • 1 glass of sparkling wine (non-alcoholic)

  • Music, good vibes, and memory sharing


$209 - strictly 15 places available in each workshop


Afterpay also available

Dates + Locations


Saturday May 25th 2024


Grange Community Centre

(185 Wilston Rd, Newmarket QLD 4051)

The completed blanket


How many baby clothing items do I need?

In the workshop, we will be cutting 80 squares for the blanket. So, you need enough outfits to do this. BUT, this doesn't mean you need 80 separate clothing items! We recommend bringing around 40 baby clothes along with you (the more the better). A good option is also baby blankets or swaddles (that you're happy to cut up of course). We will also have some scrap material that we can use if need to be fill in any gaps!

Is this workshop baby/kid friendly?

Yep! You can bring your baby/kids along to this workshop but you don't have to! If you are going to bring a toddler along, just make sure they've got something to do while you've got your craft on. You're welcome to come along baby free as well.

I'm going to really struggle to cut up my baby clothes, is this workshop for me?

This workshop is perfect for you! You will be surrounded by others who are in the exact same boat - we all get how many memories are attached to every single item. To help, at the start of the workshop we will have a moment to share our favourite memories and if need be, we will all be there to help keep the mood positive and supportive. Remember, this is all about preserving the memories for years to come - and giving you a way to bring those memories into your everyday life.

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