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A place for new parents to find their groove


As a new mum myself, I know what being a new parent is like... completely outrageous, fun, soul crushing, wild!


There's no other time in life where you need community more. But, upon searching for my new mum community, I realised that there wasn't really that much out there. I wanted to find a place where I could feel like myself again - or at least begin to discover my new self - and talk to other parents who were going through the same thing. 

So, I created Big Little Wins. Logan's first group program for new parents.

Situated in the heart of Logan - between the Gold Coast and Brisbane - I am all about helping you find your mum (or DAD) tribe, connect with your baby, and learn some new skills. I will help you see how big your little wins really are. I can't wait to meet you and your gorgeous baby.


What you can expect

Our programs are designed to help you find your tribe and build your parenting skills. Each week you will learn a new skill, connect with your baby, and maybe even take some cute DIY projects home with you! No matter what though, you can be guaranteed to leave feeling accomplished, supported, and like the true boss parent that you are!


Find your tribe

Our program is designed to help you connect with other new parents at the same stage as you. By meeting up with parents in your area, you will get the chance to form lifelong friendships. Each week, we will also give you a chance to connect with your baby in new and interesting ways. 

Build your parenting skills

Each week we will bring in a different expert/experience to help build your parenting skills and give you the information you need to get through the first few months of your baby's life.

Dance Mums

Baby-wearing dance class

Our next program is starting soon

Limited places are available

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